• Larry Allen

    VP Ad Innovation and Programmatic
  • Greg Anderson

    Managing Director, Xaxis Media Group
  • Kelly Andresen

    SVP, Head of GET Creative
  • Rob Auger

    VP/Group Director, Media Technology
  • Rohit Bagalkot

    Director, Audience Solutions Group
  • Manny Balbin

    SVP, Advertising Solutions
  • Sean Beckett

    Director of Client Services
  • Brett Bodie

    Head of Digital Strategy
  • Nick Branstator

  • Benjamin Bring

    VP, Mobile Media Director
  • Ryan Kenney

    VP, Platform Services
  • Jeff Burkett

    VP of Advertising Innovations
  • Cy Caine

    SVP, Strategy and Product Development
  • Alex Calic

  • Christian Carrillo

    Senior Ad Operations Associate
  • Alan Chapell

  • John Cole

  • Emily Costello

    Associate Operations Director
  • Robert John Davis

    Executive Director, Content and Social
  • Jason DeMarco

    VP, Programmatic & Audience Solutions
  • Samantha Deevey

    Group Communications Strategy Director
  • Jarrod Dicker

    Head of Commercial Product and Technology
  • Michael Dorf

    Senior Director, Advertising Operations
  • Eyal Ebel

    SVP, Programmatic Revenue
  • Angelina Eng

    VP, Media Platforms & Operations
  • Dave Etherington

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Ocean Fine

    VP, Agencies and Strategic Partnerships
  • Augustine Fou

    Digital Consilgere
  • Joseph Galarneau

    VP of Product
  • Matthew Scott Goldstein

    Consultant, .msg
  • Alanna Gombert

    SVP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB & General Manager, IAB Tech Lab
  • Amanda Gomez

    Senior Director, Revenue Operations
  • Marc Guldimann

    Cofounder and CEO
  • Jeff Adusei

    Sr. Director of Advertising Data Solutions
  • Lizzy Hanna

    General Manager
  • Mike Hannon

    VP, Yield and Revenue Optimization
  • Scott Havens

    Global Head of Digital
  • Adam Heimlich

    SVP, Programmatic
  • Sophia Ho

    VP, Director, Programmatic
  • Mark Howard

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Ken G. Brook III

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Ian Shafer

    Founder and Chairman
  • Lexi Jarman

    Director FT2
  • Jay Glogovsky

    Director of Revenue Operations
  • Laura Kalehoff

    Director, Branded Content Studio
  • Bruce Kiernan

    Practice Lead, Performance Marketing
  • Amanda Kigel

    VP, Partner Innovations
  • Jason Kint

    President and CEO
  • Ben Kneen

    Director of Monetization
  • Oleg Korenfeld

    EVP, Advertising Technology & Platforms
  • Curt Larson

    VP of Product
  • Calson Lee

    Director of Product
  • Michael Lehman

    VP of Supply
  • Noah Levine

    SVP, Advertising Data & Technology Solutions
  • Gian Lombardi

  • Louis-David Mangin

    CEO and Cofounder
  • Brie Manakul

    SVP of Revenue Operations
  • Jon Mansell

    VP of Marketplace Innovations
  • Patrick McCann

    VP, Data Science
  • Ryan McConaghy

    Director, Ad Operations
  • Mark McEachran

    Vice President, Product Management - Marketplace
  • Jana Meron

    VP of Programmatic & Data Strategy
  • Meridith Miller

    Head of Commercial Partnerships, MoPub
  • Jordan Mitchell

    Cofounder and CEO
  • Marty Moe

  • Katya Moukhina

    Director of Programmatic Operations
  • Scott Mulqueen

    VP, Programmatic and Audience Monetization
  • Derek Nicol

    VP, Advertising Technology
  • Dr. Erik Nylen

    Head Data Scientist
  • Tony Pace

    Former Chair
  • Susan Parker

    Senior Director, Ad Operations
  • Rachel Parkin

    SVP, Strategy and Sales
  • Ryan Pauley

    VP, Revenue Operations and GM, Concert
  • John Peragine

    SVP, Global Head of Video
  • Christine Peterson

    Managing Partner
  • Bill Phelan

    CEO and Cofounder
  • Paul Prior

  • Wade Rifkin

    SVP, Programmatic
  • Brendan Riordan-Butterworth

    Senior Director of Technical Standards
  • Dr. Jon Roberts

    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Trace Rutland

    Addressable Media and Technology
  • Diego Sanchez

    Head of Digital Partnerships and Programmatic Revenue
  • Jay Sears

    Group Head / SVP Media Solutions, Advisors
  • Paarth Sharma

    Director of Product Marketing
  • Tom Shields

  • Amnon Siev

  • Andrew Smith

    VP, Digital
  • Caleb Sotelo

    Director of Labs
  • Jeremy Steinberg

    Global Head of Sales
  • Jason Tollestrup

    Director, Programmatic Advertising and Business Intelligence
  • Julie Van Ullen

    VP, Publisher Sales and Account Management
  • Medha Vedaprakash

    Global Partnerships, News and Publishing
  • Mitch Weinstein

    SVP, Director of Ad Operations
  • Dan Whateley

    Senior Manager, Inventory Partnerships
  • Matthew Wheatland

    US Director of Programmatic
  • Doug Wintz

    Founder and Principal
  • Ed Wise

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Victor Wong

  • Wenda Zhou

    Product Solution—Header Bidding
  • Melody Zimmer

    Director of Learning and Development