• Larry Allen

    VP Ad Innovation and Programmatic
  • Ken G. Brook III

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Jeff Burkett

    VP of Advertising Innovations
  • Emily Costello

    Associate Operations Director
  • Robert John Davis

    Executive Director, Content and Social
  • Emry DowningHall

    VP of Advertising
  • Angelina Eng

    VP, Media Platforms & Operations
  • Augustin Fou

    Digital Consilgere
  • Alanna Gombert

    SVP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB & General Manager, IAB Tech Lab
  • Mike Hannon

    VP, Yield and Revenue Optimization
  • Scott Havens

    Global Head of Digital
  • Mark Howard

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Jason Kint

    President and CEO
  • Oleg Korenfeld

    EVP, Advertising Technology & Platforms
  • Kelly Leger

    VP, M1/Publisher Addressable Marketplaces
  • Brie Manakul

    SVP of Revenue Operations
  • Louis-David Mangin

    CEO and Cofounder
  • Nicole Mathison

    Director of Ad Operations
  • Jana Meron

    VP of Programmatic & Data Strategy
  • Jordan Mitchell

    Cofounder and CEO
  • Marty Moe

  • Scott Mulqueen

    VP, Programmatic and Audience Monetization
  • Rachel Parkin

    SVP, Strategy and Sales
  • Ryan Pauley

    VP, Revenue Operations and GM, Concert
  • Trace Rutland

    Addressable Media and Technology
  • Shenan Reed

    President of Digital, North America
  • Jay Sears

    Group Head / SVP Media Solutions, Advisors
  • Caleb Soleto

    Director of Labs
  • Jeremy Steinberg

    Global Head of Sales
  • Jason Tollestrup

    Director, Programmatic Advertising and Business Intelligence
  • Ed Wise

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Alan Chapell