Jay Sears

Group Head / SVP Media Solutions, Advisors

The Coming Consolidation of Ad Tech, Mar Tech and Commerce: Mastercard’s Jay Sears on Our Bright Future

We all feel the pressure—industry consolidation, the squeeze for better performance, fear of an ad tech duopoly—and to some it feels like chaos. Sears will explore the radical shifts upending the ad tech world; the integration of ad tech into the larger sphere of mar tech; and the ramifications of the convergence of advertising and commerce, particularly with the ever-growing world of connected devices and the push against disruptive advertising.

Marty Moe


A Fireside Conversation with Vox Media President Marty Moe

Vox Media is one of the fastest-growing digital media companies today, made up of eight media brands and a portfolio of businesses, including the company’s premium digital product family for video and branded content, Concert. But, in today’s always-changing ecosystem with a growing number of platforms and a greater need for trusted, authoritative brands, navigating the landscape is tougher than ever. In this fireside chat, Vox Media President Marty Moe dives into the biggest challenges digital publishers and advertisers are facing today and explain how the company plans to stay ahead of the curve.