Ops Advisory Board

  • Sandra Baez

    SVP, Advertising Solutions
  • Jeff Burkett

    VP of Advertising Innovations
  • Dennis Colon

    VP, Ad Ops & Strategy
  • Mark Howard

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Raef Godwin

    VP of Revenue Operations
    PGA Tour
  • Heather Keltz

    VP, Ad Ops & Product Development
  • Oleg Korenfeld

    EVP, Advertising Technology & Platforms
    Mediavest | Spark
  • Kavata Mbondo

    VP, Digital Revenue Strategy and Ops
    Time Inc.
  • Shenan Reed

    President of Digital, North America
  • Jay Sears

    Group Head / SVP Media Solutions, Advisors

About the OPS Conference

Ops isn’t just how digital media is bought and sold anymore; digital media businesses are built on the foundation of Ops. And that is where the Ops conference comes in…

Real value in a conference comes from the highest quality content– the more you learn, the more you earn. That’s why we’ve designed the upcoming Ops conference as a comprehensive excursion into all the facets of digital media marketing and monetization. See our agenda for the breadth of topics we’ll cover. 

About AdMonsters

AdMonsters is the global leader in strategic insight on the future of digital media and advertising technology. Founded in 1999, AdMonsters began serving the advertising operations professional through live media and its online community. 

This vibrant community is forward-looking and results-oriented. AdMonsters has built its reputation on providing objective editorial leadership based on deep, real world expertise.  As of March 2015, AdMonsters is part of the Access Intelligence family of companies.

Core Values


We are exclusively focused on online ad operations and technology, tying in to the entire realm of digital operations, strategy, and technology. We remain committed to looking at the world of digital media and advertising through an operational, strategic lens.  


We believe that quality is paramount for a content-driven organization. Our value comes from our audience, and our audience comes for quality. Quality content means maintaining clear editorial vision and integrity, speaking directly to our audience, creating the relevant, timely, and actionable content, and not straying from our topical focus.


AdMonsters exists because Community is Necessary. A professional community is a requirement for an industry and a craft to develop to its highest potential. To meet each other, find and learn from mentors or become mentors, solve problems, create and find solutions, develop best practices, experiment and test theories and launch and promote products. This is where we find understanding, share stories, learn, grow, laugh, and make human contact in an increasingly virtual world.